City Council

Moline Legislative Body

The City Council is Moline’s Legislative body and is comprised of the Mayor, one member from each of the seven wards within the City, and one that represents the City at-large.

Mission Statement

The mission of Moline City Government is to act in a financially responsible manner while providing quality and efficient City services and creating a sustainable City.

City Council Goals

Financially Strong City with Cost-Effective Services
Strong Local Economy - The Confidence to Invest
Upgrade City Infrastructure and Facilities
Moline - A Great Place to Live

City Council Goals Setting Reports

2016-2017 Goal Setting - Leaders Guide
2016-2017 Goal Setting - Strategic Plan At A Glance
2016-2017 Goal Setting - Strategic Plan Detail
2016-2017 Goal Setting - Strategic Plan Executive Summary


Council members meet as the Committee-of-the-Whole on select Tuesdays of each month at 6:00 pm in Council Chambers, unless otherwise posted. Please check the meeting calendar for meeting dates. The formal City Council meeting is held immediately following the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting.

Public Involvement

City Council and Committee-of-the-Whole sessions are open to the public. The public is allowed to address City Council at the end of the meeting after stating their name.


Meeting agendas are available for public review the Friday afternoon preceding the Council Meeting. Agendas are posted at City Hall on the public bulletin board outside of Council Chambers and on the website.