Memorials & Commemoratives

Memorials & Commemoratives

Browning Park Commemorative Stone

Located at Browning Park (15th St. & 22nd Ave.) The Commemorative Stones are available for those individuals who have served or are currently serving our country through military service.

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"Friends of the Parkway" Patio

Located along the Ben Butterworth Parkway (between 34th St. and 36th St.), the memorial patio sits along the Mississippi River and is surrounded by flower beds and ornamental grasses. These memorial pavers are a perfect way to remember those you love.

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Commemorative Patio at Milt Hand Softball Complex

Located at Greenvalley Sports Complex (60th St. and 50th Ave.), the memorial patio sits within the softball facility. What a perfect way to memorialize those individuals who have spent countless hours coaching, umpiring, playing, and those working behind the scenes at the Greenvalley Sports Complex.

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